Winter is a time for staying healthy and warm, but the cold can make it difficult to do so. The cold weather can weaken the immune system and make you more susceptible to illness. The flu, common cold, and even allergies are in the air. This is why it’s important to take care of your health in the wintertime. Along with common winter illnesses, our bodies can start to feel slower, stiffer, and more achy in the winter. In order for you to feel your best throughout the colder months, there are several steps and habits you can implement into your daily routine.

Here are 4 tips for you and your family to stay healthy this winter: 

  1. Stay hydrated.

We all know how challenging it can be to avoid catching a winter cold. One of the top habits you can build to stay healthy in the winter is to continue hydrating regularly. Water helps your body flush out all the toxins in your system. It helps keep things moving inside your organs and even provides you with a natural source of energy. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep your immune system strong to avoid illness.

  1. Get plenty of sleep.

Winter illness prevention is all about strengthening your immune system. The winter months can make it hard for our bodies to get enough sleep, leading to exhaustion, fatigue, and a weakened immune system. Try getting into a regular bedtime routine that allows you to get at least a full 8 hours of sleep each night. If you struggle to sleep through the night in the winter, try making your bed as warm and cozy as possible. Flannel sheets and heated blankets can be a nice incentive to crawl into bed and catch some Z’s.

  1. Exercise regularly.

Our bodies start to slow down a little bit in the winter. It’s not uncommon to feel achy or stiff when it starts to get cold out. Developing a regular fitness schedule can help eliminate that feeling of soreness. One way to prevent your muscles from feeling achy is to do some lightweight resistance training. This keeps your muscles strong and less susceptible to ailment. In addition to lightweight resistance training, you should consider developing a stretching routine to increase flexibility. Even something as simple as a 10 minute a day routine can help you avoid feeling stiff in the winter. Staying active in the winter will help you maintain muscle strength and flexibility.

  1. Try chiropractic care.

Stiffness in the body during the winter is common, especially as we age. One solution you can turn to is chiropractic care. Chiropractic care can help with joint pain, muscle stiffness, and other ailments associated with cold weather. Dr. Andrea specializes in adjusting the body, decompressing the spine, soft tissue, and alternative therapies to help you feel your absolute best. Chiropractic care can feel amazing and is a great option for things to do in the winter for better health.

How can winter chiropractic care help you feel your best

Dr. Andrea offers a whole range of services that can help you feel your best in the winter. Her treatments target pain in the body by using pressure and movement to relieve joints, reduce inflammation, and stimulate nerve function.

Are you someone who gets headaches in the winter? If yes, then manual manipulation could help you avoid painful headaches this winter. Manual manipulation is a therapy in which Dr. Andrea uses her hands to alleviate pressure on your joints. It is often used for people who get chronic headaches and neck pain.

Do you struggle with back pain in the winter? If yes, you may want to consider spinal decompression. This therapy works to alleviate pressure off your back and spine. Your spine is made up of bone and discs, which are essentially a gel-like cushion between the bones. The spinal decompression therapy allows your back to be gently stretched to relieve the discs from being packed with pressure. This can really help people who struggle with back pain.

Is stiffness a problem for you in the colder months? If yes, perhaps a pulsating adjustment is correct for you. The pulsating adjustment uses a handheld device that delivers fast and low force punches to your tissues in specific areas. This treatment is good for individuals who struggle with stiffness, but prefer a more gentle style of chiropractic care.

Does your movement feel more limited in the winter months? If yes, you may want to consider a Thompson Drop treatment. The Thompson Drop treatment works by delivering a highspeed thrust to your lower back while using minimal force. The treatment is done on a special drop table to allow for natural range of motion and results in restoration of imbalances in the body.

Staying healthy in the winter

There are many things you can do to improve your health in the winter months, including drinking more water, getting more sleep, and developing a fitness routine. One of the best ways to help your body feel and function better in the winter is chiropractic care. If you are interested in receiving a professional adjustment from Dr. Andrea, you can make an appointment here.