Most people only think about going to see a chiropractor when they are in pain, however regular chiropractor visits can help you stay healthy and prevent that pain from ever happening. Chiropractic care can improve your quality of life without the use of medications or surgery.

There are many reasons a person might need or want to go to a chiropractor, check out our list below to see why you should consider making an appointment today.

What do Chiropractors Do?

Chiropractors address the underlying causes that are causing you pain through acknowledging the self-healing capabilities of the human body. Your chiropractor will help you achieve your goals through various methods, you can check out our services to learn more about some of the methods we use.

At our office, we customize each appointment to the individual patient and their needs. We offer Adjustments soft-tissue and alternative therapy, decompression, pediatric care and personal injury care.

  1. You Get Aches and Pains.

Stop reaching for pain reliever every day for your everyday pain, a chiropractor can help you relieve this pain without the use of medication. Bac and neck pain is the most common reason that people seek a chiropractor and there could be many reasons you are experiencing back, neck or joint pain. Your sleeping position, the way you sit at your desk or on your couch, poor posture and more could be causing your pain, let the professionals help you find the cause and help you ease the pain.

Chiropractors have a variety of methods they use to help you alleviate your pain. One method chiropractors use is Chiropractic Adjustments. These adjustments will help properly align your spine by gently moving the joints into their proper place. Chiropractors can also offer stretching exercises and lifestyle changes to alleviate pain.

  1. You Have Poor Posture.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke says that 80% of American’s suffer from poor posture. The increase in use of technology in our society alongside more people working from home due to the pandemic and spending increased time at their desks can cause discs and bones to shift out of alignment.

Using a similar method to ease back pain, as well as strengthening the back muscles, chiropractors can also help to improve posture. Your chiropractor will also educate you on how to maintain proper posture in your everyday life.

  1. You Get Headaches or Migraines.

Headaches are common for most people and can range from dull pain to severe pain. If your headaches or migraines begin to interfere in your life or you find you must take pain medication to ease your headache, it may be time to go see a chiropractor.

Tension headaches are usually caused by stress and neck strain and can appear anywhere on the head. Migraines are more painful, throbbing headaches, which may case the person to become nauseas or sensitive to light and sound. Cluster headaches are the most painful type of headache and usually occur in patterns around the eye or one side of your head. Whether you suffer from tension or cluster headaches, chiropractic care can help alleviate your pain.

  1. You Have Trouble Sleeping.

Your problems with falling and staying asleep may have to do with how you are sleeping. Medical News Today says that lower back pain affects a persons sleep and the way you sleep may be making it worse.

A chiropractor can help you properly align your spine which can lead to overall better health as well as better sleep. You can also talk to your chiropractor about best sleeping positions to maintain your spinal alignment.

  1. You are Feeling Stressed.

When your spine is not properly aligned this can cause the entire body to feel stressed. On top of reducing stress, having your spine properly aligned can help you sleep better, and feel better. Try scheduling a massage or spa day after your chiropractic appointment for an even better result.

  1. You are Pregnant.

A woman’s body is amazing, but it goes through many changes during pregnancy. A pregnant woman can experience headaches, body pains, stress, sleep deprivation and more. Another issue during pregnancy is pelvic misalignment which can cause issues during the birth, as the baby wasn’t able to turn into the proper position. Chiropractors can help you through pregnancy by improving your sleep, alleviating those pains, balancing your hormones, and realigning your pelvis.

Talk to your chiropractor about the Webster Technique, a chiropractor technique that gently aligns the pelvis for proper birth positioning, for a more comfortable birth experience.

  1. You are an Athlete or Physically Active.

Athletes and Physically Active people, while lead healthier lives, also put their bodies under more pressure. Regular chiropractic appointment is necessary to make sure your body maintains its spinal health.

Regular visits with your chiropractor can also help you improve your athletic performance. Your chiropractor can test your range of motion, discuss techniques, and discuss tips to avoid injury. No matter how active you are you can benefit from seeing a chiropractor, even if it is just to help you play easier with your children.

  1. You Want to Improve your Overall Health.

If you don’t have a reason other than wanting to improve your overall health or just check to make sure your body is in tip-top shape, we will always welcome you here at Dr. Andrea’s. Your body functions best when your spine is aligned. A chiropractor can keep you performing and feeling your best.

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