After surviving a year of triumph and tribulation, we were thrilled to see the clock strike midnight as we ushered in a new (and hopefully) exciting year.

2021 is full of new hope and if you are anything like us, you hope this will be your best year yet! Are you one that sets new years resolutions to help make the most out of the coming year? New Year’s resolutions are famous for being easy to make and really hard to keep. We say we will focus on fitness, and a few weeks into the new year we are back to our unhealthy ways. The same can be said about swearing to only eat healthy food and giving up on that concept in time to order take out for dinner on Friday night following a long week.

The problem with new years resolutions is that they are incredibly easy to make, but they typically involve HUGE sacrifices to keep, leaving you with an overwhelming sense of guilt when you are unable to follow through with your New Year’s resolutions.

What if we told you that there is a healthy promise you can make in 2021 that will be easy to keep?

Ring in the New Year with Dr. Andrea’s Chiropractic Care

Rather than utilizing quick fixes or unsustainable goals, the team at Dr. Andrea’s Chiropractic wants to encourage holistic wellness and mindfulness alongside your New Year’s resolutions this year. Because let us face it, there are so many New Years’ resolutions that are difficult to keep and require an excessive amount of self-discipline, but chiropractic care is not one of those things. In fact, with the expert guidance of Dr. Andrea’s chiropractic team by your side, you can hold true to your goals all year long, and here is why:

Overall Health is Improved by Chiropractic Care.

In a previous blog post, Immune System and Chiropractic Care, we told you all about the immune system, pointing out that Chiropractic care works to aid your immunes system.  It does this because your immune system is indirectly connected to your spine, and when your spine is not aligned, it can throw off your entire system.

Chiropractic care works to promote natural healing and a stronger immune system, allowing you to lessen your chance of pain and illness during your health journey. Dr. Andrea’s chiropractic team is ready to help keep you accountable, answer questions, and work with you to help ensure you are on track to achieve all of your health goals.

Chiropractic Adjustments Leave You Feeling Great!

Dr. Andrea’s gentle and precise adjustments go a long way to help relieve back and joint pain while working to improve your mobility. For most of our patients, we see an immediate sense of relief which allows you to improve your quality of life by shifting your perspective to the things you can accomplish. Chiropractic care also works to provide you with energy. This is because if your spine is unaligned you have a reduction in coordination and energy levels, as the body fights to compensate for those areas that lack functionality. Through a properly aligned spine, you may experience more energy during the day.

When you carve out time for chiropractic treatments you are carving out time to take care of yourself, and you are guaranteed to meet with a caring team of experts at Dr. Andrea’s who want you to succeed.

Adjustments Are Sweat Free and Aid in Weight Loss and Exercise.

There is absolutely no denying that exercise is an important part of overall health and wellness, however, planning to workout 5 days a week as a new year’s resolution is difficult both mentally and physically, and if done improperly it can lead to strain and pain throughout your body.

If your goal this year is to lose weight, our team can work with you through regular chiropractic appointments to achieve this goal. At Dr. Andrea’s chiropractic, we integrate healthy, holistic guidance into your chiropractic plan to help you work to meet your wellness needs. Beyond nutrition and exercise, chiropractic care helps to align your spine and restoring your body’s control center. The spine adjustment will benefit you because:

  • When you are lacking back pain, it is easier to work out.
  • Alignment promotes flexibility throughout the body, making it easier and SAFER for you to workout.
  • A flexible spine works with you to promote healing between workouts and promoted toned muscles.
  • Over time, you will see improved posture, confidence, and stamina.

This mobility will help you stick to your exercise goals because it will keep you safe, free from injury, and it will help you to build strength both physically and mentally.

Taking those first steps towards a new year’s resolution can be hard but know that we are here for you every step of the way. Our goal is to continue providing our clients with pain relief that is not just temporary but lifelong.

Our holistic approach addresses the entire body, not just portions of it. At Dr. Andrea’s Chiropractic, we offer a wide range of chiropractic services to treat the entire body, not just the spine. Are you ready to shift your perspective about New Year’s resolutions while enhancing your mind and body? Call 918-364-2225 to make your appointment today, and to start your New Year right!