When an individual strives to be in a state of wellness to achieve optimum health, having core strength is a key component to feeling better inside and out. Improving core strength is beyond the vanity of having a flat stomach and a six pack. We wanted to share with you some basic information about core health, so you can learn to appreciate your core for everything it does, and not place its value solely on its ability to resemble a pack of cans.

Improved Balance and Stability.

You see, building a strong muscular core is extremely important as it is the center of your body. When chiropractors speak of one’s core, we are referring to your abs, hips, back and chest. Your core muscles play a huge role in your everyday activities as they work together to stabilize your body and help maintain proper balance allowing you to continue reaching, twisting, and bending. It is thus safe to say that having a strong core helps prevent injuries from occurring.

Eliminate Back Pain and Maintain Good Posture.

When your body is aligned and boasts a strong core, back pain is less likely to be an ailment. Seeing as your core is the center of your body, it works to support every part of you including your neck and back. If your core is not strong, then the other structures of your back have to work harder to support your body. Weak core muscles contribute to slouching, which leads to increased back pain and poor posture. Poor posture, or slouching, causes strain on your spine and can often cause it to become unaligned. When you focus on having strong core muscles, your posture will improve in the process

See Your Chiropractor

As a Chiropractor, I spend my time working to incorporate exercises involving core into my chiropractic care programs to help with back pain with current back pain and to prevent further injury from occurring.

At Dr. Andrea’s we work through your issues and provide treatment to relieve short term pain and ensure prevention for the future. Contact us today to book an appointment!